Decorate your home with sturdy and stylish furniture

Another Flippin Chance is committed to providing quality furniture repair and rejuvenation services to the residents of Southern California. We are a locally owned and operated business with the expertise in remaking old furniture and giving it an entirely new look. We are driven by our passion to handcraft distinct furniture items and the dedication to help people decorate their homes without spending more than their budget.

At Another Flippin Chance, we collect old and outdated furniture pieces and give them a new look. We restore these items and renew them in their original condition giving clients an affordable option to decorate their homes without spending a penny more than their budget. Our mission at Another Flippin Chance is to provide our customers with the finest quality, appealing and durable products backed with our best in class unparalleled customer service.

Another Flippin Chance prides in being an eco-conscious business which deeply cares about the environment. We constantly strive to play our part in conserving the planet and minimizing pollution and deforestation by recycling old furniture. We strictly adhere to sustainability and go above and beyond to prevent environmental damage from our end. We also conduct workshops and training sessions to teach others the ways to recycle furniture and promote sustainability.


Another Flippin Chance is committed to provide our customers with the trendiest furniture items to give their place the makeover it deserves. We stay ahead of the latest interior décor trends and work day and night to produce and extend the most lavish furniture accents at highly affordable rates. All our products are handcrafted using the finest quality raw material that is not just sturdy and durable but ecofriendly as well. We pride in being one of the very few eco-conscious businesses that truly care about the environment. We prohibit the use of harsh chemicals and toxins at our factories and recycle old furniture instead of throwing it in landfills.